High Tourist farm    Perk

One of the highest farms in Slovenia

We serve dried meat specialties from our farm to all our guests, who want a special taste experience. For the production of the dry sausage named “savinjski želodec”, bacon and salami we use organic meat from our domestic animals. A special feature is that we keep autochthonous Slovenian breeds: The indigenous cattle “cikasta goveda” and the Slovenian pig “krškopoljski prašič” (the only indigenous Slovenian breed of pigs).

We organize presentations and tastings of our meat products. We are serving the homemade dried sausage “Savinjski želodec”, bacon, beef salami, homemade cheese, bread from the wood oven and home-made cider and apple juice. Guests can also taste the savory cheese spread “solčavski sirnek” and homemade meat paste.

Naše mesnine odlikuje izjemen okus domačega.

Our meat is distinguished by exceptional taste of homemade food.

Upon prior arrangement we prepare tastings for groups or individuals.

For more information and booking please call us at 00386 (0) 31 604 691.