High Tourist farm    Perk

One of the highest farms in Slovenia

Food and drinks
All the food is produced and prepared at ecological farm, especially vegetables, milk and meat. We offer traditionally prepared dishes such as savinjski želodec, solčavski sirnek and others.

Solčavske dobrote

Solčavske dobrote

Zajtrk z razgledom

We prepare various dried meat products, different kinds of žlinkrofi, potica and bread. You can choose from variety of home made tea and juice. We offer all sorts of dairy products such as cheese, cottage cheese, sour milk and yoghurt.

Natural healing herbs

You can choose from different kinds of tea made of healing herbs which are gathered in meadows and hills surrounding our farm. You can pick healing herbs by yourself and the housewife will teach you about its healing effects and usage. Some samples of dried healing herbs are to be seen in the farm.