High Tourist farm    Perk

One of the highest farms in Slovenia

Our ecological farm lies high above Logarska valley in Matkov kot, where the highest farms can be found. We are situated at the height of 1230 m above sea level and all the local mountains are at hand. From this site you can have the most beautiful view at Kamniško-Savinjske Alps and the part of Karavanke. Olševa (1929 m), Raduha (2062 m), Krofička (2083 m), Ojstrica ( 2350 m), Škarje (2131 m), Planjava (2394 m) and other peaks will bring your attention in the early sunny morning.

Birds singing will wake you up in the mornings and you can conclude your day at the bench in front of our house and relax by the view of our beautiful mountains. This area offers enough of fresh air, peace and undamaged nature. You can experience an active holidays and set out on nearby peaks, you can mountain bike, you can sledge down the snowy road or you can go for more relaxing vacation and spend your days in the beautiful surroundings or just sit down with your book…

In the year 1426, Perk farm has been mentioned as the independent farm for the first time. Our primary activities have always been stockbreeding and forestry to which we added tourism, ecological farming, joinery,… Our family includes three generations and has now seven members.


Sončne sobe z doma izdelanim masivnim pohištvom Tudi v kopalnici vam bo toplo, saj ogrevamo hišo z biomaso We offer four rooms with a total of 12 beds. All rooms have private bathroom, and a magnificent view of the valley or peaks of the Kamnik-Savinjske Alps. We can offer half board or bed and breakfast. Serve with cold cuts.